Marumbo Poetry


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Released October 2016
Format MP3
Type Special
Added on Monday, 31 October 2016
Genre Spoken Word
Number of discs 1
Edition date November 2016
Country Malawi


Marumbo's poetry is deeply rooted in understanding of Culture, Life, and God, Love. He has been heavily influenced by the lessons and experiences from his father, family and the social upheavals that have rocked Malawi. These were also essential in driving him into more well meaning and relatable poetry that not only entertians but also educates and raises awareness for the struggles and issues of daily life.  They have been showcased in an array of contexts in his debut EP 'Broken Keys' which is scheduled for release in November 2016. Despite still being in college and relatively younger than most poets in his genre, he has proved to be not only passion and skilled but also determined. Marumbo is currently working of a college tour to reach out to a new fan base and discover new talent who are sure to benefit from his experience and prowess in spoken word. He is surely someone to look out for.
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