Mitsitsi Africa
Genre Fusion
City Blantyre
Country Malawi


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Mitsitsi Africa is a multi-Dimensional music duo from Mangochi Malawi - Central Africa based in Blantyre. The duo are Anaxagoras aka Xago and Aristagoras aka Tago. After doing music in various groupings like Mikango and Classmates, respectively - the duo has leveled an independent brand “Mitsitsi Africa”. On the music circle - historically, you may recognize the duo with such songs like: Belita, NzimeNzime, Asatana Awiri, Atatelo, Naphiri, Dotolo, on fire and many more. As Mitsitsi Africa their singles are; “Uchi Grade One” and “Ndisiyeni Momuno”. The duo prefers playing their music to a crowd; where on a larger scale claim to get honest an opinion. The duo are influenced by many types of music which include Mangan'je, Vimbuza, Visekese and Chim’tali, Afro pop, Hip-Hop, RnB and many more. Lyrics are about real time issues, Dance, controversies for both local and urban dwelling people. The songs are composed by the duo and the best idea wins.
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